Truly healthy protein shakes.

The Fresh Monkee™: We balance healthy and fun in a delicious way.

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Low in sugar, high in fiber, and packed full of goodness, our shakes are a meal your body will love.


These shakes will keep you full for hours. An even and clean energy release that you just can’t get from a salad, sandwich, pizza or other meal on the go.


Smoothies typically do not have protein as a base. They are often pre-sweetened, made with frozen yogurt that is high in sugar or made with a sweet fruit puree instead of real fruit. Our shakes are simple: milk, protein, fruits and veggies. High in protein, low in sugar, and combined with healthy fats and carbs.


Our shakes balance the natural sweetness of fruits and vegetables with protein, seeds, spices and other flavors that result in an incredible easy to drink, satisfying, and quick meal.

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