Hi! I’m Judy Flynn, Founder of The Fresh Monkee™.

After too many years as a Financial Advisor, I finally took a massive leap of faith and followed my heart. I have played team sports since I was a kid. Started distance running when I was 13 and began my love of weight lifting shortly after. I “trained” friends and family as a hobby and then got certified. Health and Wellness has always been at the core of who I am and I get excited when I get to talk about it. I know…..NERD.

I always made smoothies at home as many people do.

I was disappointed when I tried to find a healthy smoothie when I was out. I would see them pump a few shots of this flavor or that or throw some weird secret powder in which I’d find out later was a combination of sweeteners or other fake junk. I wanted something I would make at home with real ingredients, always protein and whole fruits and vegetables. I wanted all the goodness of the fiber left in. Finally, I challenged myself to bring my kitchen with its protein, fruits and vegetables and a few other yummy ingredients (no secret stuff) out of my house.

The Fresh Monkee is here to make your shake as real as we can, just like your kitchen but better. We call our drinks -Shakes because the smoothies out there have been a let down. So come try one of our incredibly delicious Shakes that will keep you full and satisfied and feeling great.

Thank you and see you soon!